Jaela Caston, BS

Junior Specialist
Laboratory Medicine

I am a proud San Francisco native. I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BS in Psychological Brain Sciences. I've worked in social science and behavioral genetics labs, but I wanted more experience in biological sciences. During my senior year of undergrad, I applied for a fellowship that allowed me to interview with different labs in the Bay Area that fit my interest. Fortunately, I landed in the Schjerven Lab. Now as a Junior Specialist in the Schjerven lab I am exploring the effects of alternatively spliced Ikaros isoforms during B cell development. 

Due to this experience, I plan to apply to PhD programs to study neuroimmunology. My hope is to set an example for the youth of color, like me, that they are capable of achieving their goals regardless of the limitations society has set for us. In my free time, I love to tend to my garden, travel, and spend quality time with my loved ones.