Lab Members

INERESTED IN JOINinG OUR lab? please see info below!


Current Lab Members


Hilde Schjerven, Ph.D. 

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor 


Amrita Palaria, Ph.D.

Post Doc

William Howell, B.A. 

Assistant Specialist 

Mariam Kvernberg Dajani

​​​​​​Visiting MSRP Student

(Arrival January 2022)

Jaela Caston, B.S.

Junior Specialist 

Anna Du, M.A.

Visiting Assistant Specialist

(Delayed due to pandemic)

Luis Terriquez, B.S.

Summer Intern

Huan Cao, B.A.

Senior Thesis Student

Sarah Giorgi, B.A.

Senior Thesis Student

Zoë Abrahamson, B.S.

Campus Volunteer​​



 Recent Alumni

Etapong Fonabei Ayongaba, M.Sc.


Assistant Specialist

Went to: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practioner Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Seatle University

Princess Rodriguez Ramirez, B.S.

Visiting Graduate Student 

Went back to: University of Vermont 

Graduated with Ph.D. June 2021

Matthew Strege, B.S.


Junior Specialist 

Went to: Research Associate at IQ Biosciences

Biniam Tesfai, B.S.

Student Intern

Went to: Respiratory Care program at Skyline College

Mabel Ho

Campus Volunteer
(School spring semester project)

Went to: University of Washington

Silvia Cardenas

​​​​Summer Intern

Return back to: Dominican University of California


Hana Paculova, Ph.D.


Went to: University of Vermont, to our collaborators, Frietze Lab

Douglas Florindo Pinheiro, Ph.D.


Went home to Brazil

Justin Pham, B.A.

Junior Specialist

Applying to Med School


Additional Schjerven Lab Alumni

Dhairya Shah, Campus volunteer, summer student - Went back to Univ of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Latest: Associate consultant at Veeva Systems
Alex Vargas, Campus volunteer
Shyama Chaganti, Campus volunteer and summer student - Went to: UC Davis 
Danielle Hagen , M.Sc. Visiting Master Student, (University of Oslo/UCSF) - Went to: Novogene (.com)
Marit Rasmussen, M.Sc. - Visiting Master Student - Went to: Ph.D. student at University of Oslo (UiO), Norway
Johanne Vestbøstad, M.Sc. - Visiting Master Student - Went to: Ph.D. student at University of Oslo (UiO), Norway
Vanesa Bedregal, B.Sc., Campus volunteer
Minerva M. Espiritu, Part time Laboratory Assistant I
Luis Lopez, B.Sc., Campus volunteer - Went to: Working as a Junior Specialist in Collisson Lab, UCSF
Patricia Chin, Campus volunteer, Summer Student - Went Back to school at UCSD, then: Grad School at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Karissa Hansen, B.Sc. - Campus volunteer - Went to: Staff Research Associate in Selleri Lab, UCSF - Next: UCSF DSCB Graduate Program (Ph.D.); Fall 2019
Marie Hofmann, B.Sc. - Visiting Master Student - Went to: Applying for Ph.D. position
Tara Kheiri, B.Sc. - Campus volunteer - Went to: Working while applying for Master program
Linn Eggesbø, M.Sc. - Visiting Master Student - Went to: Ph.D. student at University of Oslo (UiO), Norway: Ph.D.: May 2021
Ida Lindeman, M.Sc. - Visiting Master Student - Went to: Ph.D. student at University of Oslo (UiO), Norway: Ph.D.: June 2020

For Prospective New Lab Members:

Post Doc Position:

Prospective Post Docs with interest within our areas of research are asked to contact the PI, Hilde Schjerven. Pending funding, we are open for Post Doc applicants to join our team to work on different aspects of our research projects. In general, prospective Post Doc candidates would have experience and expertise within some of the methods that our work rely heavily on, such as for example cell culture, gene manipulations (transductions), Flow Cytometry, mouse models, immunology and general molecular biology for projects studying pre-B ALL (leukemia), hematopoiesis, immune cell development and autoimmunity. We would also welcome an opportunity to broaden our labs repertoire of approaches with any new expertise from the prospective Post Docs background experience. In addition, knowledge of and hands-on experience with high throughput sequencing ('omics', e.g. RNA-Seq, etc), both in practical wet-lab sample processing and in bioinformatics data analysis would be welcomed.

Feel free to contact PI for further information: Hilde.Schjerven (at)

Graduate Students:

We are open to Rotation Students, and prospective Graduate students are welcome to contact PI to discuss ongoing research projects and opportunities for rotation in our lab.

Also see info at BMS/DSCB Graduate Program web page:   

BMS Faculty: Schjerven     DSCB FACULTY: SCHJERVEN

Junior Specialist:

At different times, we have potential openings for recent graduates (BA or BS) with a strong interest in and potential for academic science to gain research experience through 1 or 2-year appointments as Junior Specialists. Note: UCSF currently has hiring freeze.

Visiting Students, Volunteers or internships:

Prospective visiting students, UCSF Medical school Inquiry students, summer students or local Bay area students interested in internships or campus volunteering are welcome to contact PI to discuss possibilities of an internship/visiting stay in our lab: Hilde.Schjerven (at)